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Explore the new and amazing world of Online Music Tutorials! Get lessons for Guitar, FL Studio, Cubase, Song Composing, Mixing and many Original Hindi Songs by Mahesh. Music learning for beginners is not so difficult now because of this free music learning website. Lets Learn Music Online free from the music tutorials videos and blogs.

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Learn Music Free Online from Musical Mahesh Free Music Learning Website

Music learning is one of toughest task if a person does not get right material to learn because in today’s world everyone seeks money. Even, you may have seen, many music teachers and music institutes may demand a lot of money. For example, thousands or lacs for Audio Production Courses. And, even after paying that much money, you may not get support as and when required. So at this website “”, every content is free. However access to some pages may require you to login but still that is totally free. Moreover there are many categories.

For example: Guitar, Music Theory, Cubase Tutorials, FL Studio Tutorials, Audio Production Techniques, DAW Tips, Recording Tips etc. So there is a wide variety of the Musical-Content you are going to experience here. It is recommended to register your self to this website for accessing comments and their replies so that your musical problems can be sorted out.

You can also discuss your musical problems with other musicians in the Music Learning and Discussion Forum.

Features of this Free Online Music Learning Website (Learn Music Easily):

There are various aspects of this website, for example:

  1. Best online guitar lessons

  2. Every guitar tutorial in Hindi

  3. Many original guitar songs by Mahesh

  4. Online support for guitar music lessons

  5. Easy to access and learn guitar classes

  6. Basic music theory guitar and other instruments

  7. Guitar chords for Hindi songs with strumming pattern for beginners

  8. Beginner guitar lessons online for kids and every age group

  9. Learn how to play various guitar notes, chords and scales online

  10. Guitar tabs for Bollywood songs

If you are not getting what you want here then you are requested to send your problems to me by submitting the Form Here. It will be tried to give answers to your problems but please do check “Frequently Asked Questions” here before. Also, You can check Musical Mahesh YouTube Channel for detailed videos and separated playlists of various topics regarding music learning in Hindi.

Please navigate through the menu bar and get your answers regarding music making.

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Also don’t forget to check out new Hindi Original Song Compositions by Mahesh on YouTube.

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If you are getting awkward reverb from vocal recording then its very difficult to add some good effects on that voice. So you have to record in a way so that the vocals are recorded dry. For this, you can choose a closet of any room or you can record at a corner of the room after putting some blankets on your and MIC’s backside. After recording  you can adjust reverb and other effects from your recording software.

Categories: DAW, Recording Studio

There are many options available in the music recording market. A different segment is also provided on this website. Please visit this link for low budget and good quality home recording audio interfaces.

If the middle note of a major chord is flated then it is converted into a minor chord. For example; C Major chord is C E G. So C Minor chord will be C Eb G. The method is also same in opposite way for converting minor chord into major chord by making the middle note sharp.

Category: Music Theory

All the prices on the amazon site keeps changing. This website does its best to synchronize the latest price of the product shown here. However, the price also includes the exact time of the data grabbing from Amazon website.

Category: Shopping

If you want to purchase Cubase then either you can purchase and download from online official sites, this will cost less in price but will cost more in downloading data. So if you have a broadband then you can purchase online starting from approx. Rs. 8000+ (for Cubase Element). If you want to buy offline then there are many sites but trusted like Bajao and SudipAudio etc. They will send it to you by DVD or any other medium.

Categories: Cubase, DAW, General FAQs

You can do this by any video editor which you have in your smartphone or computer or laptop.

Categories: General FAQs, Karaoke

Because of the fact that you can not make a 100% real karaoke from a song which is mixed in stereo and has stereo effects like reverb etc, there remains even slight voice of the original singer’s voice and that is natural by law.

Technically the karaoke making from a normal mp3 file depends upon the following factors:
1. the song must be in stereo mix.
2. the vocals must be centrally panned and
3. there should not be much stereo effects on the vocals.
. one solution you can do is that, you can restructure the song by making beats, backgrounds, bass etc. Thats why this method doesnt work always!

Category: General FAQs

No DAW is better or worse then other. Its due to the fact that all the sound which you listen in a song are either recorded or sampled or made from VST plugins. So the actual sound depends on your recordings and sound of VST plugins and not too much on DAW. However one person may find a DAW better then other due to his experience and user experience.

Category: General FAQs

Its short name of Digital Audio Workstation. Its a type of software which is used for making audio editing, recording, mixing etc. There are many type of DAW’s like FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools etc.

Category: General FAQs

It actually depends upon your practice and dedication. If you honestly practice by giving maximum time initially then you can learn many songs in initial 6 month, but again there is no limit of learning.

Category: General FAQs

You can find and watch all the Music Classes and Original Songs by Mahesh by clicking here.

Category: General FAQs

Yes. We have all the music contents free and you will not be charged any fees for accessing the contents of this site.

Category: General FAQs

It’s an official website for the youtube channel “MusicalMahesh”. Here you will find the original Musical Content by Mahesh and you will also get many simple music classes in Hindi!

Category: General FAQs

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