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How to Improvise Music on Your Smartphone: Best way to practice guitar/piano with Background Music

Hey guys, We often see that we waste a lot of time in the meaningless apps on our smartphone. But have we ever thought that we can also use our smartphone as our band for improvisation and jamming!! Yes its true. Thanks to BACKTRACKIT app for making this possible for the musicians like me who…

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3 Best Casio Keyboards with Real Indian Rhythms and Tones (Available Online on Amazon)

how to buy a piano keyboard for beginners india top best 10 pianos

Casio Keyboards are very famous and budget friendly digital keyboards pianos for musicians. These are good for beginners musicians, also great for professional musicians. Casio has been making keyboards for many years. It has built the faith of musicians from its professional quality of sounds even in low price range keyboards. If you want to…

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How to Buy a Piano Keyboard for Beginners: 10 Best Digital Piano Keyboard for Learning and Practicing Music in India (Buy Online)

how to buy a piano keyboard for beginners india top best 10 pianos

If you are also planning to buy a piano online for practicing music and learning music scales and theory, then you should read this article at least once for learning that how to buy a piano keyboard for beginners! This article will help you with some examples of good piano keyboards. There are some factors…

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What is Major Chord and How To Find It. Watch This Video To Learn

notes on guitar fret strings learn music hindi free online musical mahesh

In this video you will learn about the Major Chords and the methods about finding it out. There are two methods discussed in the video. First one is through Major Scale and another through Major and Minor third’s. This video is fully in Hindi and you can learn a lot from this. Please do share…

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Learn to Play C Major and F Major Chords on Guitar (Hindi Class)

how to play bar f-major chord on guitar

C Major Chord and F Major Chord on Guitar C Major and F Major chords are too very basic chords which a beginner guitarist is supposed to learn in his very l initial stage. C Major chord is more simpler then F Major chord but F Major chord is more versatile in its structure. Once…

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