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How to Learn Guitar in 30 Days at Home? It is possible!

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I remember the days when i started to learn guitar, and every time only one question was in my mind. Shall I learn playing the guitar in this month? Many days passed. Months after months. It took me couple of months for learning the concepts and skills of guitar playing. But then after learning guitar…

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Guitar Lesson #2 How to Play Guitar: How to buy a guitar for beginners in India?

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Please read the last article at: Guitar Lesson #1 So in the previous article you have seen that what are the things which you have to learn in guitar. It means scales, chords, strumming, finger plucking etc. In this article we will have a look at the factors which you shoud consider while purchasing a…

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Guitar Lesson #1 How to Play Guitar: Introduction to Guitar Learning (Learn to Play the Guitar Full Beginners Lesson)

g1 guitar learning lesson #1

Hey guys! Do you want to Learn How to play Guitar? There are many reasons to learn guitar. Guitar is a very fashionable music instrument and it attracts everyone due to its sound and the versatility in music. For example one person can play tunes on guitar, another can make strumming sounds and another person…

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Learn to Play C Major and F Major Chords on Guitar (Hindi Class)

how to play bar f-major chord on guitar

C Major Chord and F Major Chord on Guitar C Major and F Major chords are too very basic chords which a beginner guitarist is supposed to learn in his very l initial stage. C Major chord is more simpler then F Major chord but F Major chord is more versatile in its structure. Once…

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