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Why Music Theory Lessons are important for learning any music instrument?

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If you want to learn music instruments then you will be thinking that is it required to learn from music theory lessons?

Lets understand it!

What is Music Theory?

Well music means the melody which a human like. So music theory deals with the concepts involved in the music theory. So it covers everything like music scales, chords, chord progressions etc.

Is it required to learn Music Theory?

If you are also thinking about learning any music instrument then you might also be thinking that is it necessary to learn music theory? And the answer is “Yes”.

Reason to learn music theory is that you need to make clear all the concepts about music before learning any instrument. For example many times you will listen that the song is in particular scale or having that chords. So if you don’t know how chords form or what a scale is then you might be in trouble.

How to learn music theory?

You need to start by learning music notes and scales. Then you need to understand chords and its progressions. Its very simple step by step. Likewise you can learn music theory.

Practice Music theory and Instrument together

You need to apply the music theory to the instrument which you are going to learn. And trust me, you will have a better speed.

Where to learn music theory?

You can learn music theory from ebooks, websites or from my youtube channel also. The links to video is given below:

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