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Guitar Lesson #2 How to Play Guitar: How to buy a guitar for beginners in India?

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Please read the last article at: Guitar Lesson #1

So in the previous article you have seen that what are the things which you have to learn in guitar. It means scales, chords, strumming, finger plucking etc. In this article we will have a look at the factors which you shoud consider while purchasing a guitar in India.

You can also watch this video for Hindi Guitar Learning Video for this article down below:

What are the types of guitar?

Depending upon operation of the guitar, it can be divided in two broad parts:

  1. Acoustic Guitar:

    In this type of guitar the sound is produced by sound hole and no external attatchments are required. You can just lift your guitar and start playing. There are normally six strings on this type of guitar.

  2. Electric Guitar:

In this type of guitar external/internal amplifiers are required to generate the sound. However, the tuning and shape of all the chords are same but the tonal structure of this guitar is different from acoustic guitar.

Depending upon design of the acoustic guitar, it can be divided in two types:

  1. Cutaway Design Guitar:

In this type of guitar, there is a cut on the body near higher frets. So you can play on higher frets without much difficulty.

2. Dreadnought Design Guitar:

In this type of guitar, the sound hole is fully round and there is no cut on the guitar. Hence you have a little difficulty to play on the higher frets but you get the deeper sound of guitar.

Okay! so we have to choose a guitar which fits our price range. Normally you can purchase a beginner’s guitar in India from 2000 Rupees to 10000 Rupees. For more details you can VISIT THIS PAGE HERE.

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Now you might be thinking that which guitar you have to buy. Well the answer for most of the beginner guitarists is same.

So which guitar to Purchase?

You should buy a guitar which fits in your budget. The guitar should be acoustic for beginners. The guitar should be cutaway design for practicing on higher frets. It should be of well size for you. The action should not be too much on the guitar! Means the gap between frets and strings.

I hope you liked this short article and if you have any doubts, you can write in the comments below!

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