Frequently Asked Questions about Music Learning Problems

Many beginner musicians face a lot of problems in learning by own. Here in this page, you will get the answers of the commonly asked questions related to music learning. These questions are collected from various sources like YouTube, Facebook or other music learning sources. Just explore below to get the answers of your music learning problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Learning Music

If you are getting awkward reverb from vocal recording then its very difficult to add some good effects on that voice. So you have to record in a way so that the vocals are recorded dry. For this, you can choose a closet of any room or you can record at a corner of the room after putting some blankets on your and MIC’s backside. After recording  you can adjust reverb and other effects from your recording software.

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Because of the fact that you can not make a 100% real karaoke from a song which is mixed in stereo and has stereo effects like reverb etc, there remains even slight voice of the original singer’s voice and that is natural by law.

No DAW is better or worse then other. Its due to the fact that all the sound which you listen in a song are either recorded or sampled or made from VST plugins. So the actual sound depends on your recordings and sound of VST plugins and not too much on DAW. However one person may find a DAW better then other due to his experience and user experience.

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