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How to Find Scale of Any Song / MusicScale without Ear Training on Android Mobile+Karaoke+Pitch Shift

sequence of guitar strings EADGBE

If you are a beginner musician then you may find it difficult that how to find music scale of any song which you have in your mobile.

How to find Music Scale on Android Mobile Application?


If you need to find out the music scale of any song from your mobile (smartphone), then you need to install some application. I have made a video in Hindi to know that how a music scale can be found out from mobile. Here is the link: 

In this video I have shown an secret application for knowing Music Scale of any Music. This video also include that

  1. How to make karaoke from mp3 from android mobile?

  2. How to find Tempo of any song from mobile phone?

  3. How to change pitch (also known as pitch shift) from android mobile?

  4. How to change tempo of any song (making song fast or slow)?

Can Music Scale be found without Ear Training?

The answer is yes, we can find music scale of any song from any third party application or software as shown in the above video.

If you want to set up your home recording studio then you may find some useful gadgets at:

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Img - B00IGPK7NQ
Img - B00IGPK7NQ

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