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5 Best Methods for Free Music Promotion Online | How to Promote Your Music Online

learn music free online free music classes for beginners india musical mahesh

Free Music Promotion by Social Networking Sites | How to Sell Your Music Online Many of home musicians and home music producers make very good music but they are not getting sufficient views or audience or promotions. So let us know 5 places where you can post and promote your music free online. Keep reading…

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5 Best USB Audio Interface for Recording Guitar and Songs at Home Studio within INR 10,000/- (150 Dollars)

musical mahesh audio interfaces

Best Budget USB Audio Interfaces for Guitar and Voice Recording Many people want to set up their own music recording studio at home to record cover songs, video dubbing or podcasts. At every time they require high audio quality. Your work can only be recognized if you have effective and clear voice recording. So here…

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All my recommended and tried Musical Gadgets (With Direct Purchase Link)

alesis io2 express audio interface

Many Musician Friends ask me about the gadgets I use for my songs and videos. So here I provide them all with the links for purchasing: ——– My Recording Studio Gadgets: ——— Focusrite Studio Bundle (MIC+Headphone+Interface+DAW+Plugins) Pop Filter for any MIC: Samson Carbon 49 USB MIDI Controller: Akai Professional LPD8 Ultra-Portable USB…

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