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Learn Music Online Free with Musical Mahesh

Hi Musicians, I am Musical Mahesh, a self taught Indian musician. I love to make original songs and other easy music tutorials.

You will find the content given below on this site “Musical Mahesh“:

learn music online free with musical mahesh

Complete guitar tutorials in Hindi for beginners
Basic Music Theory videos
-DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)- song composing, mixing, recordings tips etc. in Hindi
-Audacity, FL Studio, Cubase etc. Tutorials In Hindi and English
Music Recording Instruments: Audio Interface(Sound Card), Microphone, MIDI Keyboards/ Controllers etc. Reviews
My own composed Hindi songs

Few of above classes are already uploaded while others are under processing and likely to be uploaded soon one by one.
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Thank You Very Much,
Happy Musical Life!
Musical Mahesh

I try my best to provide the original musical content to you, hence I also respect each and every words spoken to me.

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Feel free to write your queries, suggestions and compliments to me. I will be happy to interact with you.

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