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5 Online Ways Musicians Can Make Money

Hello musicians,

Somewhere in your musical life you would have thought that how can you make money while playing music or by any other way in music field. In real, its very easy to start earning money in music. But, getting handsome amount of money is a little tricky. You may have to make some smart planning to make good amount of money from music. Since there are many ways musicians can make money but, here I present very basic but powerful ways to earn money from music.

1. Musicians can make money on YouTube

If you have just started music then its very important to make some fan base for your promotion and YouTube works here greatly. You can make a YouTube channel and start uploading your musical content. But again you need to make the content free from copyright issues so that you can expect long ever presence for your work. The problem here is that every one is making music on YouTube. So the catch is that you need to do something creative to make your content special. You can also buy some guide books like this for successful YouTube carrier.

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2. Make Money by Composing/Songwriting

Now you can see that mostly musician, when they start stick to only one instrument, but if you take more interest then you can also learn some music theory. By combining music theory, instrument playing and creativity you can make new music. This music can be sold online or you can produce music for other persons who are in the same field. you can also choose to create only beats/music/chords progressions etc.

3. Making Money from Live Shows

This is very basic but good platform to have a face to face introduction for new artists and making money on the go. You may need to join a band for this or you can arrange concerts on the weekends for a fixed periods. You have to search for the good place for the music kind you play.

4. Make Money by Uploading Music Online

If you find difficulty making a physical presence at beginning and already developed some numbers of fans then you can choose the sites like Reverbnation and Soundcloud for uploading and selling your music online.
These are the basic methods by which you can take your music career on the go. However methods are endless. You can also write your own methods of making money in the comments section given below.

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