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5 Golden Tips for All Beginner Musicians for Getting Expert in Music Fast (Whatever They want to Learn: Guitar/Piano/Vocals/Mixing etc)!

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Best 5 Tips for Learning Music Fast

So you have purchased your first guitar or keyboard and you are all set up for practising your music classes. You have taken all the best classes from internet and you just want to be like your favourite music trainer, you keep practising for hours, days, weeks and even years but after practising for many years i have seen that people still play music instruments like beginners and their learning and improving speed doesn’t improve. They still sound like beginners, all the buzz sounds and fingers getting stuck on piano keys.

OK, so finally you are here because you want to improve yourself. You want to learn music in a proper way so that no-one laughs at you and whenever you play they listen you carefully and can feel you.

This thing sounds nice. But its not difficult too.

Lets learn how you can do this.

1. Keep the Goal FIX in Mind, means YOU HAVE TO LEARN MUSIC

Before starting your music journey you should have clear goal in your mind and soul that what you are going to do? What you want to become in music, whether its composer or singer or guitarist or mixing engineer etc. You should always see yourself in that role after a couple of years decided by you. Further if you want to become, say guitarist, even then your aim should be clear that in the guitar what you gonna do, i.e., lead guitarist, a solo performer or a background chord player. So by deciding your aim you are not confused and you get clear picture in your mind that what your destiny is!

2. Never Listen to the Guys who Jokes you or demorlise you on LEARNING THE MUSIC

The main problem with this world is that whenever you are going to start something new then they jokes you. They remind you that its not the good thing or you are not going to make it happen or laughs at you for playing music instruments not properly. This situation comes in every musician’s life. So this is a very normal process. Actually this happens in today’s world! So what you have to do is that just close your eyes and ears, and ignore them fully, because its never going to matter what others thing about you, what matters is that what you think about yourself. People said whatever wrong or right in their opinion is. The best option to overcome this problem is that you leave that place and tell yourself that you are going to make it. You are going to add your name respectfully with music. This will give you a new ray of hope and a new enthusiasm to excel.

3. Take Best Guidance for MUSIC LEARNING

Now a days its very easy as well as hard also to get proper music coaching, because every other channel on YouTube teaches you music, but a lot of times you don’t get what you were seeking for. You end up with the instructions which were either known to you or were from an advanced level. So please make a good review of everything you are going to follow because you are going to follow their guidelines and its going to affect your way of learning music and playing your music instrument. Its always better to have a physical guitar teacher nearby you but if you don’t have any, then choose any YouTube teacher who teaches step by step and can also provide you help in case you are in a problem.

4. Get Perfect in Music Theory for LEARNING MUSIC IN DEEP

I know that it sounds boring to read Music-Manuals (LOL), but suppose you have mugged up what your instructor told you and someday someone asks a very basic thing and you were blank..!! ? In a different situation, you never knew what a Suspended Chord is or what a Half-Step is, and you gets confused every time you listen this word. Or say you want to teach yourself because your guitar teacher has left the city then what you will do? The best option is that whenever you are in a coffee shop or in the bus then try to focus on the music theory on the PDF’s in your smartphone. This will give you the clear reason of “why”. Like; why you hold a minor chord in this position? Or, why a diminished chord sounds so ghostly? Learning music theory helps you to teach yourself and be confident.

You may find Music theory in Hindi here.

5. Keep Routine Practicing, Compare and Review your Previous Practice Recording

You are never going to know that how much you have improved yourself if you don’t have a reference mark. Here a reference mark is your previously recorded practice audio/video. So after a practice session make a habit of recording whatever song or chords or strumming you have practiced and review it another day listening as a new audience. This way you can know that what your weak chords or song-parts are.

So I hope that this article may have helped you if your are just a beginners player of any instrument or even if you are a beginner vocalist. A lot more stuff will be coming on this blog, so do share and help new musicians. Do visit my website for more or Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more musical tips at:

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