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5 Best Android Apps for Musicians for Practicing Music Instruments Playing


Hey Musician!

If you are learning music and serious about then your android mobile can be your true fellow! Stop wasting time and download these 5 awesome applications from play store and increase your playing speed and be a Master Class musician.

#1 Metronome Beats

Metronome is normally less emphasized trend in beginner musicians. But believe me, if you practice with metronome then you can track your progress. You will learn faster then ever.

Main Features of this application:

  • Smooth Changing BPM
  • Tap Tempo option
  • Changeable Beats per Bar

Get this app on android play store here.

If you want to purchase a Physical Metronome then you may look on the metronome given below!

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#2 Walk Band

This is one of the famous musician’s application on the play store. This application includes many features with some give below:

  1. Variety of instruments like Piano, Bass, Guitar
  2. Good for Beat Making also
  3. Guitar chords can be played with strumming pattern
  4. Metronome
  5. Recording Mode

Get this application on android play store here.

#3 Circle of Fifths

Circle of Fifths is very useful in finding out the relations between chords and scales. If you do not know how to make your own circle of fifth on a simple paper then you may Visit This Page.

This application is simple but powerful with the changeable circle of fifths wheel.

Get this application on android play store here.

If you want to Learn Music Theory from Beginning to Expert then you may wish to get the book given below!

#4 Chord Progressions

This application is very useful for making various chords progressions. You can change scales and root notes. You can practice singing and lead playing on this applications.

The main features of this application are as given below:

  1. Changeable root note and type of scale
  2. Three modes for playing: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  3. Changeable Metronome
  4. Many common chord progressions presets

Get this application from play store here.

#5 Smart Chord

This is the most famous application on the play store for the musicians. This app is mainly made with the guitar in focus but there are a lot of features too. The main features of this application are given as below:

  1. Many Guitar chords including basic and advanced
  2. Chord Progressions
  3. Arpeggio
  4. Scales
  5. Metronome
  6. Guitar/Ukulele tuner
  7. Circle of Fifths
  8. Ear Training

Get this application from play store here.

If you have another application which you use for making music and practicing then please let me know in the comment sections given below!

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