Cubase Templates? Cubase project templates are great aid to the music makers. It saves tons of time while making the same kind of song which you have done earlier. See
(Am)राज़ आंखें (G)तेरी, सब बयां कर (F)रही सुन रहा दिल (E)तेरी खामो(Am)शियां (Am)कुछ कहो ना (Am)कहो पास मेरे (F)रहो इश्क की कैसी है (E)यह गहरा(Am)इयां सा(G)या भी जिस्म से हो(F)ता
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I remember the days when i started to learn guitar, and every time only one question was in my mind. Shall I learn playing the guitar in this month? Many
how to make a Hindi song
Hello musicians, In this article here, I will tell you some important tips for songwriting that will make your own composed Hindi song more effective and beautiful. See larger image
Hello musicians, Somewhere in your musical life you would have thought that how can you make money while playing music or by any other way in music field. In real,