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Cubase में MP3 से Karaoke कैसे बनायें? How to Make a Karaoke Track from a Song in Cubase with Free Plugin!


Hi Singers and Musicians!

In this article we will learn about making a karaoke song from any mp3 song in Cubase Software. In this method we will use a Free VST Plugin. Before starting, if you want to make a karaoke song using audacity then you may visit “This Link“!

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How to make a Karaoke Song in Cubase Software?

You can also watch the following video in Hindi or follow the instructions given below on this page.

To make a karaoke song in Cubase, please follow these instructions carefully!

  1. For making a karaoke song in Cubase, you have to install a free vst plugin called GLS (Get Lost Singer). Click on the following download button for downloading this free vst button musical mahesh
  2. Extract the .dll extenstion file in the VST Plugins directory of your C Drive/Program Files/Steinberg/ (It may change as per your installation of Cubase).how to make karaoke in cubase
  3. Now open the Cubase software.
  4. Create a new empty project.
  5. Drag and drop your mp3 song in the work area.
  6. Go to inspector panel and insert GLS to make karaoke in cubase 2
  7. Choose the settings in the plugin for the type of removal. If vocals are  not removed properly, then select the appropriate settings of the parameters shown in the VST.
  8. For automation create a new automation track from the down arrow in the track info area.
  9. Select “Get Lost”
  10. Adjust the level of the graph with the pencil tool.
  11. Save the project and select the audio file.
  12. Export the song from File to make karaoke in cubase 4

The quality of the karaoke song depends upon the following factors:

  1. Original Mixing and Mastering
  2. Effects on the Vocals

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