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5 Best Methods for Free Music Promotion Online | How to Promote Your Music Online

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Free Music Promotion by Social Networking Sites | How to Sell Your Music Online

Many of home musicians and home music producers make very good music but they are not getting sufficient views or audience or promotions. So let us know 5 places where you can post and promote your music free online. Keep reading to learn Free Music Promotion Online or to learn How to Sell Your Music Online.

1. Upload Your Music Videos on YouTube for Free Music Promotion

how to promote music free music promotion how to sell music business
First and very simple method for music promotion is by uploading your music videos on YouTube for free. This is quite simple. You just have to create a YouTube channel and just upload your video songs on YouTube. Hence, audience can simply search and watch your YouTube music videos. They can also subscribe your YouTube channel for getting latest music videos and songs from you. You can also make money from YouTube views if you get a lot of video views. However if you get any copyright strike on YouTube channel, your account may be terminated after 3 strikes. So you have to be very careful by composing your original songs so that nobody can claim copyrights on your music. YouTube is also a good platform if you make video tutorials like guitar tutorials for beginners etc. This is a great way to communicate with your audience through the comments on your videos.

2. Create a Facebook Page and Do a Music Promotion by Hashtags

how to promote music free music promotion how to sell music business
Another way of music promotion is, to share on Facebook with #hashtags. Facebook is a great free social networking site. It is browsed by millions of people around the world every moment. So if you make great music videos or songs and if you are lucky enough then you can be identified by people using Facebook. You may have seen that many videos go viral on Facebook. So if you make a great video then you can also be famous and your music can be promoted very simply and freely. You can use #hashtags. It is a very simple and free method to promote your music without paying anything to anyone. On your Facebook page, you can post latest updates regarding your new music tutorials for beginners or your original songs to followers, where your audience can listen and share them to their friends and so on.., if you are creating good music content. Your audience can be connected to you through messages and comments.

3. Make a Free SoundCloud Account and Upload songs for Free Music Promotion

how to promote music free music promotion how to sell music business
SoundCloud is another way of music promotion. SoundCloud, a website, is the great platform for sharing sounds as its name say. Unlike Facebook and YouTube, SoundCloud website is only meant for audio sharing. You can share your audio files which you record. It is very simple. You have to make an account on SoundCloud website for free and you can put your songs in your account. You can also increase your upload limits on SoundCloud by taking SoundCloud Pro Membership. This is a great way for free music promotion.

4. Create a ReverNation Account and Upload songs for Free Music Promotion

how to promote music free music promotion how to sell music business
Next method on how to promote your music is to use ReverbNation. It is similar to SoundCloud, but here are a lots of advanced features. You can integrate your Facebook and YouTube channels here. Get statistics and your Rank in a particular category like Bollywood/Pop/India/Mumbai etc throughout the world. You can sell your songs by taking the Premium Membership plan on ReverbNation but ensure that your content is fully original and you do not copy anybody else’s songs, because that is a illegal.

5. Create Your Own Free Music Website/Blogs and be connected to Audience

how to promote music free music promotion how to sell music business
Next method of music promotion is by making your own website. Many domains are free but there are paid too. Now a days, it’s not a difficult to learn how to make a website. You can just make your own website after few clicks. You can take a free domain like .tk or etc. If you are serious then you can purchase your own domain. WordPress is one of the most common method of making websites. You can purchase a domain name and a host. After that with some website making tools, you can put your own songs or other musical content on your website. One of the biggest advantage of this method is that you are never dependent on other social networking websites like Facebook/YouTube/SoundCloud. You are never in the fear of losing your account but again please ensure that your content is original. Otherwise it may be banned from search results and legal actions may be taken against you if you have become much popular.

So I think friends, you have liked this article on how to promote your music and you can write in the comments below, if you have any doubt. You can share your own websites where you share your music and do music promotion. You can also sign up on this website so that you can access to some restricted pages.