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Guitar Lesson #2 How to Play Guitar: How to buy a guitar for beginners in India?

guitar tutorials for beginners in hindi learn guitar online india

Please read the last article at: Guitar Lesson #1

So in the previous article you have seen that what are the things which you have to learn in guitar. It means scales, chords, strumming, finger plucking etc. In this article we will have a look at the factors which you shoud consider while purchasing a guitar in India.

You can also watch this video for Hindi Guitar Learning Video for this article down below:

What are the types of guitar?

Depending upon operation of the guitar, it can be divided in two broad parts:

  1. Acoustic Guitar:

    In this type of guitar the sound is produced by sound hole and no external attatchments are required. You can just lift your guitar and start playing. There are normally six strings on this type of guitar.

  2. Electric Guitar:

In this type of guitar external/internal amplifiers are required to generate the sound. However, the tuning and shape of all the chords are same but the tonal structure of this guitar is different from acoustic guitar.

Depending upon design of the acoustic guitar, it can be divided in two types:

  1. Cutaway Design Guitar:

In this type of guitar, there is a cut on the body near higher frets. So you can play on higher frets without much difficulty.

2. Dreadnought Design Guitar:

In this type of guitar, the sound hole is fully round and there is no cut on the guitar. Hence you have a little difficulty to play on the higher frets but you get the deeper sound of guitar.

Okay! so we have to choose a guitar which fits our price range. Normally you can purchase a beginner’s guitar in India from 2000 Rupees to 10000 Rupees. For more details you can VISIT THIS PAGE HERE.

buy guitars online india cheap best amazon musical mahesh guitar

Now you might be thinking that which guitar you have to buy. Well the answer for most of the beginner guitarists is same.

So which guitar to Purchase?

You should buy a guitar which fits in your budget. The guitar should be acoustic for beginners. The guitar should be cutaway design for practicing on higher frets. It should be of well size for you. The action should not be too much on the guitar! Means the gap between frets and strings.

I hope you liked this short article and if you have any doubts, you can write in the comments below!

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Guitar Lesson #1 How to Play Guitar: Introduction to Guitar Learning (Learn to Play the Guitar Full Beginners Lesson)

g1 guitar learning lesson #1

Hey guys! Do you want to Learn How to play Guitar?

There are many reasons to learn guitar. Guitar is a very fashionable music instrument and it attracts everyone due to its sound and the versatility in music. For example one person can play tunes on guitar, another can make strumming sounds and another person can play beats on the guitar and can sing together. So in this article let me explain to you that if you want to learn guitar, then what are the things you have to learn.

Watch this video in Hindi for Guitar Lesson #1

Playing Leads/Scales on Guitar

So the first thing you have to learn on guitar is, to play melodies. That mean if you are listening any song then you will observe that the song is playing in a tune. And that tune is played in a particular scale. So you have to learn scales on the guitar. So that you can play any tune which you want. For playing scales on the guitar, you have to use your left hand on the fret board and with the right hand you can pluck the strings with the pick.

Strumming Patterns on Guitar

Strumming patterns are the sounds which you make by your right hand while striking the strings on the fretboard on the sound hole. And this makes beats-like sound. So that you can sing together. There are many types of strumming patterns, but one person has to learn at least 3 to 5 strumming pattern to play his basic songs.

Guitar Chords

In the music, when two or more notes are played at the same time from any instrument the sound is called chord. On the guitar, you also have to learn chords, which you can play with your left hand on the fret body by positioning your fingers on fret. At the same time you have to either finger-pluck Or strum the strings with the right hand.

Guitar Finger Plucking

Finger plucking is another kind of guitar playing. In this type of playing, we have to change the fingers position in the left hand and, instead of using a pick, we use our fingers of right hand on the sound hole. This can make possible playing the music lead and its background chords on the guitar.

Guitar Practice Schedule

So now might be thinking that how much, should one person do his practice while learning guitar. Ok, so first thing which I want to say to you, is that, you have to give your maximum time in the starting. You should never limit your time while practicing guitar. Because in the starting, the much time you give to your guitar, the much you will learn and much you will stay motivated. I know it’s very hard to remain motivated while learning guitar because it may be very frustrating to beginner guitarist. But believe me, if you keep on playing the guitar you will learn soon. If you ask for the timing, then you should give at least 2 hours on a day to your guitar. You should move on the next lesson if you think that you have done enough practice on the current lesson.

If you want to purchase a Guitar for you, you can visit “THIS PAGE”.

buy guitars online india cheap best amazon musical mahesh guitar

Please write in comments of you have any doubt.

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Learn to play C Major Scale Chords on Guitar | All C Major Guitar Chords | Easy Guitar Chords


How to play C Major Scale Guitar Chords (Chart on Fingers)

If you have started playing your acoustic guitar just a few days ago, then you might be learning C Major Chord and C Major Scale on Guitar, because this is the most preferred scale to learn on guitar by many guitarists. So, here in this article, you can learn all guitar chords related to C Major Scale on Guitar. Lets learn all C Major Guitar Chords from C Major Scale!

C Major Chord (#1 from C Major Scale Guitar Chords)

For playing C Major chord on guitar you have to use your three fingers as given in the following photo.

how to play c major chord on guitar easy guitar chords learn music online free C Major Guitar Chords

D Minor Chord (#2 from C Major Scale Guitar Chords)

This is the second chord of the C Major scale. You can play D Minor chord on guitar by placing your 3 fingers as given in the next photo.

how to play d minor chord on guitar from all c major scale guitar chords easy guitar chordsm C Major Guitar Chords

E Minor Chord (#3 from C Major Scale Guitar Chords)

This is another guitar chord among most easy guitar chords. You just have to use your 2 fingers on the fret to learn how to play E Minor chord on guitar. Just see the photo given next.

how to play e minor on guitar easy guitar chords C Major Guitar Chords

F Major Chord (#4 from C Major Scale Guitar Chords)

F Major Chord on Guitar is considered a little difficult for beginner guitarists. But Believe me, if you have learnt this chord then you have done an excellent job. You will find other chords easy to play after learning the F Major Chord on the guitar. There are two  methods to play  F Major chord on guitar basically. In first you have to bar the full fret from the first finger as given below.

how to play f-major-bar-chord on guitar easy guitar chords c  major scale guitar chords C Major Guitar Chords

In the another method to play F Major chord on guitar you have do use your thumb too. For more information please see the next photo.

C Major Guitar Chords learn to play f major chord on guitar easy guitar chords

G Major Chord (#5 from C Major Scale Guitar Chords)

Its very important guitar chord to be learnt by beginner guitarists. Just place your three fingers as shown in the next photo to play G Major Chord on guitar.

how to play g-major-chord learn to play g major chord all c major scale guitar chords easy guitar chords C Major Guitar Chords

A Minor Chord (#6 from C Major Scale Guitar Chords)

This is also an easiest guitar chord among all the easy guitar chords. You can learn how to play A Minor Chord on guitar by seeing the given photo below.

how to play A-minor-chord on guitar learn to play a minor chord on guitar all c major scale guitar chords easy guitar chords C Major Guitar Chords


There is also a guitar chord named B Diminished but its not widely used when compared to the chords given above. So you can play all of your guitar songs on the easy guitar chords given above

Learn to play guitar / Online video guitar lessons

For more guitar tutorials you can follow this link: “Watch the Online Videos for Guitar Lessons

For any doubt or review please use the comments section given below!

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How to Tune an Acoustic/Electric Guitar with/without a Guitar Tuner for Beginners (Easy Steps+Tips+Tricks for Guitar Tuning)

how to tune a guitar without guitar tuner

How to Tune a Guitar with / without Guitar Tuner (Acoustic Guitar/ Electric Guitar)

how to change replace broken guitar strings musical mahesh how to tune a guitar without guitar tuner
Let’s learn the simplest method for replacing the old/broken guitar strings and tuning an acoustic or electric guitar (with guitar tuner/without guitar tuner). You should read this article if you want to:

1) Learn how to replace broken guitar string?

2) Learn how to replace old guitar string with new one?

3) Set your guitar after fret body is adjusted again?

4) Cure your guitar’s awkward or out of tune sound (or the strings have become loose after keeping the guitar untouched for several days)?

If you are facing any one or more problem out of the mentioned above, you need not to worry at all, because you are at the right place to cure it and mis-tuning of guitar or breaking of strings is a very common thing. What you require to be tuning expert is, patience, to read all the sentences till last word and follow accordingly.

Introduction: Guitar Tuning can be done by 3 methods.

How to Tune a Guitar (Guitar Tuning Methods)

  • 1. By a Guitar Tuner
  • 2. By an external source of sound reference(With a Piano, Without Guitar Tuner)
  • 3. A smart Guy’s tuning method(without Guitar Tuner)

Continue reading How to Tune an Acoustic/Electric Guitar with/without a Guitar Tuner for Beginners (Easy Steps+Tips+Tricks for Guitar Tuning)

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How to Remain Motivated when you are a Beginner Musician | Music Motivation

music sad motivation

Music Motivation: My Own Story

How to Remain Motivated when you are a Beginner Musician | Music Motivation
Hello friends today I am going to share my own experience as a beginner musician. How I identified Music Motivation as an important factor. Many of us start playing a music instrument but as time passes in the starting, we find that its not easy and we start leaving this. Many on us get demoralized from others comments. So I am going to tell, how you can remain motivated throughout music learning! I am going to tell you what are the ups and downs when you start playing some music instrument like guitar, piano, harmonium or even singing. So friends let’s start.

Days as a Beginner Musician | Without Music Motivation

Okay, I can remember that I never touched a guitar in my life before 5 years. Yes, that is true. I saw some of my friends playing guitar as well as artists on TV and YouTube videos. I saw the people playing guitar very nicely. They were initial music motivation for me. However, I always loved music but I never thought that I will also learn to play guitar someday. Before starting playing guitar I knew a little about music theory and a little about piano. I used to find out some melodies on my toy piano which I purchased in 300 rupees that time. So I actually knew, how to play a tune on piano but that was not enough for a guitar player. A guitarist should be able to control left and right left for changing chords and strumming and plucking. So in the beginning, I was very excited that yes, I shall learn guitar because it looked very fashionable and impressive musical instrument to me.

How it Started?

So I purchased a guitar from local store which was around 1200 rupees. I was very happy because I had got my first guitar. I had also got a chords book from that shop. The shopkeeper told me that I could learn from that book. There were a lot of figures of chords. So I searched on Internet. I just explored that how to use those figures to play chords. I was all set to learn guitar and play my favorite songs. In the beginning 2-3 days, I was very much excited. I loved each and every sound of my guitar. Some of my friends commented amusingly that what a great I was playing. But I knew that they were just joking and this did not hurt me because I was beginner. So initial days passed in excitement.

Turning Point without Music Motivation

After 5-7 days I realized that my fingers were making a great pain. I was not able to hold a guitar with my left hand. There were dark lines at the tip of my fingers. I could not even press the strings. So it was just like a tough time and the reality which I came to know for first time after picking the guitar for me. I needed to have some rest. Now my excitement was going down. I was thinking that I cannot make it. I thought that guitar playing was a thing beyond my capabilities. At this time when I used to watch the videos of great guitar players on YouTube then they made me jealous Because I was thinking that I could never become like them.
How to Remain Motivated when you are a Beginner Musician | Music Motivation

After Getting Music Motivation

After few days, I can’t actually say, how and where from that spark came into my mind and emotions that I had to become like them. Now I picked my guitar again. My fingers were relaxed at this phase. Every comment from my friends about my bad playing of guitar played a positive role upon me because I was fully determined that I had to become a guitarist! I had to learn guitar and play like those people who are the masters in this field! However, I also knew that I might not be able to become such a great guitarist, but yes, I could become a little smaller who could play his songs by own.

Turning Point with Music Motivation

So I invested my maximum time into guitar playing. I never scheduled my practice like I have to practice 2 hours or 4 hours. Instead, I always gave my most of the time to guitar whenever I could find it whether it was morning, it was evening or it was night. I know very well that at that time, I could not notice how fast the time was passing. After few weeks, I was able to play my first song from some Bollywood movie and that was a very good feeling for me. However, my friends used to get bored when I used to practice the same song for the whole day from morning to night but I was determined to play. That practice made me able to learn many concepts about music which are very helpful in music composing now.

Why we Lack Music Motivation?

So Friends! The biggest problem is in our mind or thoughts. If you think you want to become a guitarist you can become. If you think you want to become a pianist you can become, but if only your parents want to make you a guitarist then it may be very difficult task for you as well as for your parents also. I know, I am not a big musician but the support you have shown me is very admirable and that has compelled me to think and to share the ideas and l experiences which I had in my musical journey so far.

Conclusion | Music Motivation

Friends, I want to conclude that it doesn’t matter what people say about you, but what matters, is that, what you think about yourself. Never forget that after very tedious practice of playing guitar you will be able to play all of your favorite songs. You will be able to play like your favorite musician and you will be able to perform whenever, wherever you like! Also, You will be able to entertain other people and lastly you will be able to inspire other beginners musicians too. So the journey of all musicians is almost same. They always struggle. They do not get what they are supposed to get.

Be Full of Music Motivation

Friends, never forget that if you are giving yourself to your work then God is watching you and someday you will be getting what you want and never think about what people are saying about you, always think what you think about yourself. People will comment on you when you are not able to play good guitar. They will get bored but you, yourself should never blame yourself, because it is not permanent, it is a temporary failure. You should be having a great passion and patience to become a great musician. Passion and patience are the main factors which play a great role in the successful journey and evaluation of a great musician.
How to Remain Motivated when you are a Beginner Musician | Music Motivation
So musicians, you should be proud of yourself because you do not choose music but music chooses you and keep playing, because someday you will also rock!

Please note that these are my personal opinions. Do write in comments if you are facing any motivational problem in learning music. Thanks and Regards.

You can also check out “Music Learning Discussion Forum Here.”

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Learn On Guitar that how you can Play C Major and F Major Chords (Hindi Class)

how to play bar f-major chord on guitar

Write in Comments if you have any Difficulties!!