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Ahuja UTP-30 Condenser Unidirectional Collar Microphone Review with Full Specifications

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For last few days I was looking for a microphone which I can use for recording voice and music practicing sessions. After a huge search on online eCommerce websites I finally decided to purchase Ahuja UTP-30 Condenser Microphone. So here in this article I am going to share my experience on this microphone. I will also include the main specifications of this collar condenser microphone.

Why I selected Ahuja UTP-30 Microphone?

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Well, I was looking for a mic which I can easily pick and start recording. Because recording with a large diaphragm condenser microphone every time in practicing is kind of wastage of time. Another reason of buying this Ahuja UTP-30 Microphone was that I actually needed a microphone which I can connect in my PC or Laptop with 3.5mm jack and also in my audio interface which is having 6.3mm jack.

Main Features of this Ahuja UTP-30 microphone:

So here comes the main specifications of this Ahuja UTP-30 microphone:

  1. It can be connected to any PC or Laptop with 3.5mm jack.ahuja utp-30 microphone review specifications 4
  2. It also can be connected to any Professional Audio Interface which has 6.3mm instrument input line.ahuja utp-30 microphone review specifications 3
  3. The cable with this microphone is very big (6m), so you can also record outdoors.ahuja utp-30 microphone review specifications 2
  4. It is unidirectional microphone so it picks less noise from other directions.

Technical Specifications of Ahuja UTP-30 microphone

Frequency Response100-15,000Hz


Operates on1×1.5V (UM-3) Pencil Cell

What comes with Ahuja UTP-30 Microphone?

The box contains:

  1. A Microphone with 6 meter cable
  2. A on-microphone wind shield
  3. A clip for attaching this mic to shirt/anywhere else
  4. A carrying case for all the accessories
  5. A Pencil cell
  6. 6.3mm jack with cell slot for connecting it to mixer or audio interface

Use and applications of Ahuja UTP-30 Microphone

You can use the microphone for the following purposes and it works great:

  1. Making tutorials for youtube
  2. Recording podcasts
  3. Recording practice session songs
  4. For outdoor recordings
  5. For recording interviews as it has 6 meter cable

Download the Audio File of Sound Test of Ahuja UTP-30 Mic

download button musical mahesh

Ahuja UTP-30 Collar Dynamic Microphone Sound Test (834 downloads)

Positive points of Ahuja UTP-30 Microphone

  1. Professional Performance Microphone
  2. Cardioid Characteristics
  3. 6m shielded low noise cable
  4. Fixed Tie-Clip as well as adjustable neck-band
  5. You can record in your computer as well as in audio interface too where you can also control its gain levels

Negative Points of Ahuja UTP-30 Microphone

  1. 6 meter long cable sometimes cause discomfort. So you have to keep it well folded.
  2. If you directly speak the mic while keeping it very cause to mouth, then a little air passes through wind shield.

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If you have further queries you may write below in the comments. If you want more lavalier microphone suggestions then you may Visit this Page.

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You may also consider buying a USB condenser microphone which is always good for professional recordings. One example of USB mic is given below:

CAD U1000 USB Studio Condenser Microphone

Main Features

  • Studio quality condenser Mic
  • Clear and natural sound
  • Ideal for home studio & pod-casting
  • Custom engineered diaphragm provides superior frequency response
  • Direct Monitoring with Zero Latency
  • Free Windscreen, Tripod and USB Connecter
  • Use without any Audio Interface
  • Compatible with Computer, Laptop and Mac

Price:  8,500.00  5,504.00

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