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How to make your own Circle of Fifths Chart

Circle of fifths is very important to learn about scales and chord progressions. You can use it in many ways. In this article we will learn simple method for drawing Circle of Fifth.

Follow the following steps to make your own Circle of Fifths:

1. Make a Circle

2. Divide it into 4 parts (as a clock in 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions)

3. Divide all 4 parts in the equal 3 parts again (same as a clock)

4. Now write C chromatic scale which is as: C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B

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5. Write C note in Capital letters on the 12 o’clock position on Outer circle

6. On 1 o’clock position (next to C), write the note which is 7 semitones away from C (i.e. Note G)

7. Repeat the above process until the circle is completed (i.e. keep writing the notes further which are 7 semitones away from previous one)

8. After drawing the outer circle in Capital Letters, write note “a” just below C note (in inner circle)

9. Keep writing the notes in small letters as per the steps taken in outer circle

10. When both circles of notes are completed, you have your circle of fifths ready for use.

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Basics Use of Circle of Fifths

1. Now, the Capital Letter notes on outer circle denotes Major scales and Major Chord.

2. Inner circle notes in small letters denotes Minor Scales and Minor Chords.

3. The small letter note in Inner circle makes the relative minor scale of the note in capital letters on outer circle.

4. You can use this circle of fifths in many applications including writing scales, chords, chord progressions etc.

5. This is also called circle of fourths when written inverse.

Do write in comments section below if you have any doubt.

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