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How to Improvise Music on Your Smartphone: Best way to practice guitar/piano with Background Music

Hey guys,

We often see that we waste a lot of time in the meaningless apps on our smartphone. But have we ever thought that we can also use our smartphone as our band for improvisation and jamming!!

Yes its true. Thanks to BACKTRACKIT app for making this possible for the musicians like me who are alone in there musical journeys so far.

Its as easy as playing games on mobile including buying its premium tracks (250+ Background Tracks) in only INR 32.

We normally pay to the music centers for memberships for practicing there, but after getting this app you can practice at home itself without relying on your musician buddies for making music together. You can play chords while listening to the background music or you can be more creative by making new tunes. Even you can play background drum beats of different genres on this app. All for Rs. 32!!

Watch the video attached below and read the steps written after the video!

So Download BACKTRACKIT app HERE! You can also follow the below steps for your ease to unlock the app to full version!

  1. Go to playstore and search for Backtrackit.
  2. Install the app Backtrackit.
  3. Go to settings of Backtrackit.
  4. Select first option “Unlock Premium Features”.
  5. Select “Upgrade”.
  6. Select Payment option.
  7. Pay Rs. 32 and Finish.
  8. After it, you can see in the settings that “Premium Access Granted.”
  9. Now in Btracks all the tracks are unlocked and available to download.
  10. Start practicing or creating your own melodies with Improvisation.

You can watch other cool features of this app in the video given below which I have made few months ago.

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How to Play the F Chord on Guitar (Major Chord Lesson for Beginners)

how to play f-major-bar-chord on guitar

Hey guys, many of the beginner guitarists face the problem while playing F chord on guitar. So in this article, we will learn that how you can play F Major Chord, which is very important in the guitar playing, because, once you know how to play F Major Chord, then you will also be able to play all the major chords in the bar chord format on guitar.

So let us start!

We will know two methods here. In first method, we will not use barchord and in the second method we will be using barchord method. You can also watch the video given below.

So let us discuss about first method (without bar code)

F Chord on Guitar: 1 (Without Bar Chord Method):

F Major Chord on guitar without using a bar fret

  1. Press first and second string of the guitar from your index finger.
  2. You have to press third string on 2nd fret with your second finger.
  3. Now your third finger will be pressing the third fret of fourth string.
  4. Fourth finger will be pressing third fret of 5th string.
  5. In the last step, you have to press the sixth string on first fret with your thumb.

After holding in this position, you have to ensure that your guitar sounds clean. For this, you have to press the strings in perpendicular position by your fingers.  It will be a little difficult to place your thumb in the starting days, but with continuous practice, you will be able to play this and it will be beneficial later on!

F Chord on Guitar: 2 (F Major With Barre Chord Method):

A top view of Playing F Chord on Guitar with a bar on first fret with first finger

  1. Press the first entire fret with your index finger. While pressing with the index finger, make sure that your finger should be parallel to the fret’s metallic portion (the perpendicular lines to the strings you can see).
  2. Press the third string in second fret from your second finger.
  3. After this, with the third finger you have to press for 5th string on the third fret.
  4. Finally, with your 4th finger, press the third fret of 4th string.

Playing F Chord on Guitar with a bar with first finger on first fret

In this method, many beginners guitarists complain that they face the problem while playing F Chord on guitar because they can not press the whole fret from there index finger. So for this, keep trying to keep your index finger straight as possible and also keep the guitar close to your body. After continuous practice, you will be able to play this F Chord on Guitar (including Major and Minor).

If you want to discuss about other problems in guitar playing, you can post in the Musical Forum at:

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Learn to Play C Major and F Major Chords on Guitar (Hindi Class)

how to play bar f-major chord on guitar

C Major Chord and F Major Chord on Guitar

C Major and F Major chords are too very basic chords which a beginner guitarist is supposed to learn in his very l initial stage.

C Major chord is more simpler then F Major chord but F Major chord is more versatile in its structure.

Once you have learnt F Major chord, believe me you can play all major and minor chords in the same Barre format just by placing the fingers at different positions.

Watch this video given below about how to play C Major Chord and F Major Chord on guitar.

Write in Comments if you have any Difficulties!!