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What to Choose: Reference Studio Monitors Speakers vs. Headphones vs. Normal Headphones for Music Recording Studio!


Reference Studio Monitors or Headphones for Song Recording Studio

Samson SR950 Professional Studio Reference Headphones (Electronics)

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Reference studio monitors or headphones are very important accessories for professional or beginners personal home song recording studio. These look like normal headphones or speakers but are very different from the basic headphones.


Why to choose only Reference Studio Speakers/Headphones?

PreSonus Eris 4.5 High-Definition 2-Way 4.5″ Nearfield Studio Monitors (Electronics)

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When we listen the music with the normal headphones which comes with a smartphone, then actually, those headphones make the sound more soothing and melodious because they are intended to enhance your listening experience. If your audio song is not mixed properly or is a little bit out of tune then also these headphones will try to make that song beautiful.

But for a song recording studio, we have to use such a headphone or speaker that presents the Sound as it is recorded so that we can make such song which sounds beautiful on all the audio listening devices. They are little bit costly than the normal headphones, but believe me, there is no song production without quality. So we have to invest in a good reference headphone or speaker.

Reference Studio Speakers vs Headphones

Another question comes, that what should we purchase between these two? It means should we take reference speaker or headphone? The answer is very simple. This depends not only on your budget but also on the studio environment you are recording your song. This also depends on the fact that mostly songs are listened in the headphones.

For reference speakers, you need to have a well treated sound recording studio. So that, there is no reflections from the wall and whatever you listen from the speakers, that should come to your ears without any echoing or reflections. In case of headphones, you can use them everywhere you want!

Types of Reference Monitoring Headphones

There are normally two types of reference headphones. One is closed back headphones and another is open back headphones.

Closed back headphone is used to listen the background music by a singer so that he can sing on the correct beats and tune. Also, whatever singer is listening from his headphones, should not go back to the microphone.

Samson SR850 Studio Headphones, Single (Accessory)

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While the open back headphones are used for mixing and mastering because they provide more detailed audio explanation.

Samson SR850 Studio Headphones, 2-Pack (Electronics)

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There is also a mid-product of both two, called Semi Open Back Monitor Headphones.

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