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Top 8 Hindi Songs for Mother’s Day 2017 for Dedicating to Mother

mother's day 2017

Indian Bollywood has a wide collection of Hindi songs. It has also given some great songs for Mothers too. So here, in this article I am going to suggest you 8 Hindi songs which you can sing for your mother. Here is the list for songs on Mother’s Day 2017. Its really hard to put them in sequence so I kept them without giving any numbering.

Hindi Songs for Mother’s Day 2017

Luka Chupi

Its one of the most famous song which you can dedicated to your mother on mother’s day!

Meri Maan

Another great song about Mother’s Day.

Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin

From, Taare Zamin Par, its the soulful song, can be sung on mother’s day!

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Sone De Maa

Another good songs to sing on Mother’s Day!

mother's day 2017

Tu Kitni Achhi Hai

Every green Mother’s Day Song!

Paas Bulati Hai Itna Rulati Hai

Old is Gold! This is true after listening this song.

Maa Tujhe Dhoondhu Kahan

Lovely song for Mother’s Day!

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Meri Maa Mamma

Sung by Kailash Kher, a soulful song which can be sung for mother’s day!

All the songs belongs to there original copywriters. If you also have other songs in your mind then you may write below in the comments!

You can play these songs on Guitar/Piano or sing on karaoke.

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All my recommended and tried Musical Gadgets (With Direct Purchase Link)

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What is Major Chord and How To Find It. Watch This Video To Learn

notes on guitar fret strings learn music hindi free online musical mahesh

In this video you will learn about the Major Chords and the methods about finding it out. There are two methods discussed in the video. First one is through Major Scale and another through Major and Minor third’s. This video is fully in Hindi and you can learn a lot from this. Please do share the video after watching to share the knowledge to the musicians who want to learn the music in Hindi. Cheers..!! For all videos please subscribe me on my youtube channel at:

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My Favorite Top Most Cubase VST Plugins (Instruments) | Free+Paid | Complete Tutorial in Hindi

cubase musical mahesh
cubase musical mahesh

Hey Guys, many of you have asked that which VST Instruments plugin do i use for making my songs on Cubase and FL Studio. So in this video below I am showing you my favorite top most Cubase Vst Plugins (Synthesizer Instruments) in Hindi.
Some of these VST Plugins for Cubase/Other DAW like FL Studio 12 etc. are Free and some are paid also. You can download these VST Plugins Free by simply searching their name on the name which i have provided in the Video. May be, these VST Plugins are not in your Best VST Plugins list, but they have worked great for me, and I have been using them for a long time in Beat Making and in Making Melody and songs.
In the upcoming videos i will also show you my Best Free and Paid Effects VST Plugins which i Use for my vocals enhancement, song mixing and mastering. If you have better VST’s which i don’t own, then please let me know from the comment’s section below.