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How to Write a Hindi Song in Ten Steps: Ten Tips for Songwriting for Beginners

how to make a Hindi song

Hello musicians,

In this article here, I will tell you some important tips for songwriting that will make your own composed Hindi song more effective and beautiful.

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  1. Start from anything you have in your mind: A song composition can be done by any idea which you have in your mind. It can be beats, it can be tune, it can be lyrics or it can be emotion which makes you feel strongly like a song.ten tips for a successful song writing
  2. Write lyrics simple but meaningful: If you look at the many Hindi songs then you will find that the lyrics of even famous songs is very simple with the simple words. Also, it has smaller length of the sentences. For example, “Tum hi ho, Ab tum hi ho, Meri zindgi ab tum hi ho”.ten tips for a successful song writing
  3. Keep the tune easy to remember: This is very important in songwriting. The lead or tune of the song should be attractive and easy to remember in first instance. If you are able to do this, believe me that your song is going to rock. The more complicated song is, the less it is going to be remembered by audience unless the composition is extraordinarily made. I hope you got the point to keeps the things simple.

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  4. Chords progression: Its very important to have chords which are always in the support of lead tune or vocals. However, its not a time consuming process when compared to the tune composition in most of the cases.ten tips for a successful song writing
  5. Have a basic knowledge of the drum and percussion sounds: You are supposed to know what sounds does a drum produce. Like- kick, snare, high tom, low tom, clap, hit hat, cymbal. You should listen other songs carefully so that you can have a basic idea of the places of the sounds in a beat loop. For example: 1.Drum-2.Snare-3.(Drum-Drum)-4.Snare; then add hit hat or other percussion sounds.ten tips for a successful song writing
  6. Record your song: If you have a computer and a little budget then you are good to go for recording at your home also. You can watch the video given below (In Hindi). But, if you don’t have sufficient time or recording gadgets or you find it difficult for your self then you can search for the nearest studios. However you should learn how to bargain with the studio managers for a friendly budgets. Most of the times they will reduce the price for you. So if you are planning it to be recorded in a studio then your song composition ends here. But, if you wants it to record yourself then you can go through few of the important points written in next paragraphs.ten tips for a successful song writing
  7. Record in a less echoing room: If you have a almirah or cloths cupboard then its the best place for your audio recordings. The logic behind dry recording is that you should be able to control amount of the effect after recording. For example if you already recorded with the lot of reverb then you can not remove or decrease it effectively. But, if you recorded it without echo or reverb then you can adjust according to your needs.ten tips for a successful song writing
  8. Virtual instruments: VST is the short name of Virtual Studio Technology which uses a DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation or simply music making software) synthesizer for creating a sound of any instrument. You can record any music instrument’s sound (like guitar, piano, drumbeats, basses etc.) depending upon your VST Plugin into DAW software. You can record different instruments in different tracks of software and can mix them later on along with drum beats and vocals. In songwriting, placing different melody of instruments at different positions of the song is called arrangement of the song.ten tips for a successful song writing
  9. Song mixing and mastering: Its very important step of songwriting if you want to make your song louder and clear on any playing devices. The concept is quite simple: putting vocals and leads above any other sound in music and make a stereo and frequency balance in the various sounds. It takes months and years of experience to become a successful mixing and mastering engineer. You can start learning mixing and mastering with the simple sounds like guitar and vocals, drum and basses, guitar and pianos etc., also you can get some physical mixers online for practice records. While mixing and mastering its very important to mix either on studio monitors or reference headphones. For a guide to buy reference headphones or studio monitor please visit this link.ten tips for a successful song writing
  10. Listen the song on many devices as you can and make the necessary change: You should bear in the mind that your song will be played on the different devices like headphones, mobiles, woofers. So you should always compare your recorded and mixed song with the Bollywood/English songs of the same genre. It will give you an idea that where your song stands in the terms of loudness and frequency-stereo balances.ten tips for a successful song writingI hope this gives you some idea how a song can be composed if you have basic idea of the music theory and you know any music instrument, and most important if you think you are worth songwriting!!

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Write your methods of songs composition in the comments given below! Thanks guys, happy musicing!!

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5 Online Ways Musicians Can Make Money

Hello musicians,

Somewhere in your musical life you would have thought that how can you make money while playing music or by any other way in music field. In real, its very easy to start earning money in music. But, getting handsome amount of money is a little tricky. You may have to make some smart planning to make good amount of money from music. Since there are many ways musicians can make money but, here I present very basic but powerful ways to earn money from music.

  1. YouTube: If you have just started music then its very important to make some fan base for your promotion and YouTube works here greatly. You can make a YouTube channel and start uploading your musical content. But again you need to make the content free from copyright issues so that you can expect long ever presence for your work. The problem here is that every one is making music on YouTube. So the catch is that you need to do something creative to make your content special. You can also buy some guide books like this for successful YouTube carrier.

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  2. Composing/Songwriting: Now you can see that mostly musician, when they start stick to only one instrument, but if you take more interest then you can also learn some music theory. By combining music theory, instrument playing and creativity you can make new music. This music can be sold online or you can produce music for other persons who are in the same field. you can also choose to create only beats/music/chords progressions etc.
  3. Live Shows: This is very basic but good platform to have a face to face introduction for new artists and making money on the go. You may need to join a band for this or you can arrange concerts on the weekends for a fixed periods. You have to search for the good place for the music kind you play.

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  4. Uploading Music Online: If you find difficulty making a physical presence at beginning and already developed some numbers of fans then you can choose the sites like Reverbnation and Soundcloud for uploading and selling your music online.

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  5. Affiliate Marketing: The limit for earning in affiliate marketing depends upon your input to the work and planning. If you are havin good knowledge of music instruments and music recording gadgets then you can start reviewing them and you can start making sales through affiliate sites. The best options for affiliate marketing is amazon.

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These are the basic methods by which you can take your music career on the go. However methods are endless. You can also write your own methods of making money in the comments section given below.

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